Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I like mine with a little ranch dipping sauce.

Me: Let’s go to dinner.
Friend: Sounds good. Where do you want to go?
Me: Well there are a couple of places around the corner. Jakes, Houlihans and a new Buffalo Wild Wings which I haven’t been to.
Friend: Yeah, let’s go to BW3s I could go for some wings and beer.

BW3s? Did she just say BW3s?

A few days later at a staff meeting…

Coworker #1: I heard our new office is near a BW3.
Coworker #2: Sure is.

BW3? Did I just hear BW3? For the second time?

Thus began my irritation.

First, there are only 2 W’s in Buffalo Wild Wings. Second, most buffalo only have 2 wings. And, it can’t be merely coincidence that two people in my life would say BW3. There must be something that I am missing.

Thus began my investigation.

I first thought it was just a Minnesotan thing. I asked some native peeps what they called it. Some said, “Buffalo Wild Wings” – well, actually they said, “Buffalo Wild Wings, DUH!” A couple of people said, “Bdubs”, but nobody gave up BW3 as a possible answer.

I inspected the logo. Yep, only 2 W’s. I looked for hidden W’s. Nope. No hidden W’s. Not even a website address containing a W in triplicate.

When all was looking grim, when I was ready to throw in the wetnap, I decided to turn to another famous W… Wikipedia.

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 after James Disbrow and Scott Lowery moved from Buffalo, New York, to Kent, Ohio. Unable to find authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings in their new town, they decided to open up their own restaurant first, in Columbus, Ohio, and then one in Westerville, Ohio one year later. Originally called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, from which the abbreviation BW3 was created, the restaurant became a franchise with more than 430 locations across 37 U.S. states. The original name and acronym, BW3, was intentionally reminiscent of the acronym TW3 popularly used in referring to the television show That Was The Week That Was, a show of which co-founder James Disbrow was a fan. The company later changed its name to Buffalo Wild Wings, but still uses the short name BW3 on occasion due to the common usage by patrons.

I need a beer and some celery.

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queenster said...

FINALLY! The mystery is solved. I was beginning to feel like people were going illiterate.

Thanks Nancy Drew :)