Friday, September 5, 2008

I blame this place...

Most of my rearing (heehee I said rearing) took place in a little town. I learned a lot about morals, about horses and buggies, about keeping yourself busy and most of importantly...about gossiping from a place in Wisconsin that I sorely miss when I look up at the sky and see airplanes and no stars.

I recently took some shots while passing through and thought I test your knowledge of my growin' up place - since most of you were also reared there.

Small town picture trivia (WOW - that is what I call FUN)!

This old man lives on the side of which building?

Before being donated to the Public Library, which street did the following reside?

What is this?

What building is this lamppost in front of?

Where did I grow up?

1 comment:

queenster said...

1. The telephone company.
2. High St?
3. Lutheran Church
4. First National Bank
5. Y-O-Wega (Weyauwega)